How to Choose Between Straight and Curved Chair Lifts Pittsburgh

Pain in legs or back pain is a common health issue among the elderly and this is the reason why a number of elder people have problems climbing stairs. Not being able to move freely restricts life for the senior citizens since they have to depend on others. With chair lifts Pittsburgh you can help you ageing parents or grandparent move freely and maintain their daily routine.

Chair lifts help the elderly to lead an independent and self-sufficient life. Companies manufacturing chair lifts and elevator Buffalo, offer several types of chairlifts, to suit the individual needs of the senior citizen. The major two types of chair lifts offered are:

  • Straight Chair Lifts: These can only work on straight stairs. The user sits on the chair and with help of levers the chair moves upwards. This is a cheaper option and many people choose the straight chairlift. These are attached to the stair tread instead of the stair wall.

  • Curved Chair Lifts: These chair lifts can travel across curved bends curved chair lifts can be made-to-order, to suit specific situations and personal needs. Most curved chair lifts use re-chargeable batteries. In most cases, the charging points are placed both at the top and bottom of the stair case.

So how would you choose between a straight and curved chair lift?

Straight chair lifts are suitable for homes that have completely straight staircases. These are not only cheaper but also easy to install. Since they move on a single track, the travel is smoother and frictionless. These are also suitable for households that have narrow staircases.

Whereas, curved chair lifts are suitable for staircases that have fan corners or bends. These move smoothly across the bends and even over the landing. This option is costly than the straight chair lifts since in most cases, they have to be custom made as per specific user requirements. Some curved chair lifts use individual parts that are installed together to form a track system. These are generally less expensive than custom made curved chair lifts.

When should you buy a chair lift?

There are a lot of things you need to consider before buying chair lifts Pittsburgh. If you are unable to decide whether to buy chair lifts or not, here are some questions you need to ask yourself:

  • Would you or the person using the chair lift be able to bend the knees when sitting on the chairlift?

  • Will your requirements change frequently (if you shift to a new home)?

  • The construction of the staircase (shape, width, etc.)

If you decide to buy a chair life make sure you find the best provider. There are many elevator and chair lift manufacturers, but not every one of them create the same quality products. Check with past clients and the market reputation of the company you are considering. Once you are satisfied that you have found the right company, you need to talk to them about your specific needs and see the kind of support they can offer.


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