How Does Installing Lula Elevators and Stair Lifts Benefit Homeowners

Movement restrictions can come in anyone’s life, and for any reason. Old age or a bad accident can cripple anyone. With mobility restrictions imposed on one it is hard to take the staircase many times in a day. One’s home starts to appear like a burden. That is when one feels the necessity to install either a residential home elevator or a curved and straight stair lift. Many homeowners are in a fix thinking which option to go with. What will be a better choice, stair lift or Lula elevators for example. There are companies that can help decide on this. Many companies deal in both straight stair lift and curved stair lift too, and when one asks them for assistance, they gladly come up with a solution. In all households the shape of the stair decides which stair lift will sit well. Homes with narrow staircase are hard to deal with. Experts are of the opinion that it becomes imperative to understand the difference between a straight stair lift and curved stair lift and then make a decision.

The Differences Between Straight and Curved Stair Lift

There are some basic differences between a straight stair lift and a curved stair lift. Straight stair lifts are designed with a rail that does not bent, and the track on which the straight stair lift runs is designed in a way that it runs from the bottom of the stairs to the top of the step. It is not possible for the straight stair lift to run onto the landing. Once the lift reaches the last stair on the top, the user has to swivel the seat and can get off on the landing safely.

As far as installing one for a narrow staircase is concerned, a straight stair lift with a standing or perching seat can only be accommodated well. When one invests in such a stair lift, then it reduces the minimum clearance width that is generally required for a seated stair lift. In case one settles with a curved stair lift for the narrow stairs, then it can be made to run onto the landing which in turn makes it a good choice.

The cost of installing the stair lifts also helps one decide whether to go with a straight stair lift or a curved one. The straight stair lift will cost at least half the price of a curved stair lift. Also, the technology used in making a motor work on a curved stair lift will raise the costs manifold.

The right choice of stair lifts is a big decision to be taken at the starting. Once that is resolved, one will get to learn about the benefits of installing a stair lift.

It makes it easier for one to get around the home easily, and it also keeps the individual safe from falling or getting injured.

Installing stair lift or Lula elevators can help give back the owners their lost independence. When they lose their capability to take the stair, an uncertainty stares at them whether they should move house or to a single-story home or get themselves mentally prepared for assisted living. With the installation of of stair lift, they can continue staying in their home, independently, and on their terms.

Stair lifts can also be installed outdoors. Homeowners who have porches, decks, or patios with stairs, and front walkway steps; find it convenient to have a straight stair lift installed for those steps as well.


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